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Georgia Cup is the premier racing series in the southeast. Thousands participate in their races each season. http://georgiacup.com


Great bike shop! www.lifetimebikesloganville.com



High-end bike manufacturers. www.seiglersports.com


One of the largest coaching outfits in the southeast! www.totalcyclist.com

Paralympic cyclist and awesome guy www.ronswilliams.com



The Central Carolina Racing Team is pleased to display their new official team website, www.centralcarolinaracing.com


The HINCAPIE / Coca-Cola Cycling Team presented by BARKLEY will be celebrating its 7th year representing Hincapie Sportswear, manufacturer and marketer of distinctive clothing for the performance cyclist. They are slao partnering with The Coca-Cola Company and BARKLEY as new presenting Title Sponsors for our upcoming season. www.hincapiecycling.com


Fitness company that offers physical fitness assessments and exercise programs for anyone who wants to improve their health and/or physical performance. www.bvhponline.com



Follow Bruce Humphries as he climbs his way from the amature to the professional ranks. His race updates capture all. www.dieseldiaries.com


The USA Crits Finals will refine the elements that make this form of cycling the most exciting and popular – speed, color and action – add elements that only Las Vegas can provide – glamour, glitz and Vegas flash – to create America’s greatest cycling spectacle. The USA Crits Finals is the final race in the 2008 USA CRITS Championship Series and will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, near Interbike’s home at the Sands Convention Center. www.finals.usacrits.com



The Green South / John Deere Cycling team has been a well known and respected team from Athens, GA. www.greensouthcycling.com


The Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium is one of the most sought after crits in the country. The 2007 races have top ranking and the highest purses in the country, guaranteeing elite riders for both, and an awesome spectator event. http://www.charlottecriterium.org


Renee (Myers) Donelson MA, ATC-L, CSCS, USA Cycling Coach has been helping individuals reach their fitness and rehabilitation goals and now she's added another tool to help her communicate and coach her athletes. She also sells products and services through her site. www.simpletrainingconcepts.com


Team Cheerwine is an elite professional womens's cycling team. Stamping their autority in the US, they hop around the world too. And boy is that Cheerwine GOOD! http://cheerwinecycling.com


FSConcepts offers coaching & consulting services, events & training products related to cycling, running, triathlon & strength & conditioning for athletes. This is MY COACH. http://fsconcepts.com


Anybody who's anybody in southeastern cycling knows about the WBL. This focused/controlled winter training series takes place in Athens, GA and is administered by legendary Briggs Careny. http://winterbikeleague.com


The Bike Game dot Com is based out of bike game stadiums and bike practice fields everywhere - there's no dirt road, no trail, no field - too extreme for our testing practices. Wherever bike practice is being held, Bike Game is there. The Bike Game does not discriminate against bike frame material, choice of wheels, helmet, energy product used, etc. We are an all-inclusive game. If you are a bike gamer or practicer, then you are cool with us. GET YOUR GAME ON! http://thebikegame.com


I first met Jered through his Homeboy articles on pezcycling news. As a young cyclist, he was having a great time learning to race, sightseeing, and studying abroad in Germany. Jered no races professionally in the US and is still a great writer and cyclists. http://jeredgruber.com

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